virtual ride-a-thon

2022 Virtual ride a thon

Do you want to participate in the Ride-a-thon from the comfort of your own barn? This year we are offering a virtual option! The 2021 Ride-a-thon is limited to Cedar Creek horses and walkers only, to keep our on-site numbers low due to COVID but we are offering ALL of the great swag and fun for people who ride or walk on their own time!

How does it work? Download the Ride-a-thon forms here. Collect sponsors for your ride. Plan to ride, walk (or sit on your couch and cheer - we don't care!)

You are eligible for all the great prize levels - and we will mail them to you if you are out of town!

Turn in all your sponsors by Saturday Oct 29 and you'll be entered in our raffle! Any outstanding sponsors should be turned in by November 15.

If your sponsors want to sponsor you by donating online you can send them here to donate using Paypal!